SEIE is always committed to solving major strategic issues closely related to national defense and the national economy, and cultivating innovative talents with the ability to solve practical engineering problems and international competitiveness. In the early 1980s, China achieved the upgrading of its tactical missile weapon command, control, and data communication systems, and won one second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award; In the late 1980s, China's first new system radar station was built, and its research achievements were identified as leading internationally, winning one first prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award; In the mid-1990s, China was the first to develop and develop domestically produced analog trunking systems and police digital signaling trunking mobile communication systems, breaking the monopoly of China's trunking communication product market by foreign countries and winning one third prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; Since the beginning of the 21st century, based on its existing technological foundation, the college has successively undertaken the internationally leading high-frequency ground wave over-the-horizon radar system and precise target tracking dedicated data link system, both of which have passed the national design finalization and have been officially put into equipment use. It has successively won one first prize and one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

    Adhering to the motto of Harbin Institute of Technology of strict specifications and excellent skills, the school never forgets its original aspiration, works hard, is not afraid of difficulties, strives forward, targets the international forefront, emphasizes original innovation, emphasizes achievement transformation and practical application, leverages team advantages, and has outstanding advantages in aerospace information technology equipment, forming a distinct national defense and aerospace characteristic. Building a major theoretical innovation base in the field of national defense and aerospace information, with aerospace electronic information systems as the main research object and facing international academic frontiers and national strategic needs; Building a high-level innovation talent training base in the field of electronic information, with the goal of cultivating innovation ability and the characteristic of cultivating engineering leading talents, relying on a first-class scientific research environment; Taking major scientific research projects as the driving force, we will focus on the application and transformation of scientific research achievements, and build a base for cultivating innovative achievements in aerospace information technology. The goal of the school is to build an international first-class discipline in information and communication engineering, and to rank among the top disciplines in China and among the top disciplines in the world by 2020. It will reach international leading levels in disciplines such as new system radar, integrated information network of space and space, Earth observation and remote sensing information processing, and micro wave new materials.

    Generation after generation of telecommunications personnel at Harbin Institute of Technology have always adhered to the school motto of strict standards, diligent work, aimed at the forefront of international science and technology, centered on the needs of national economy and national defense construction, with talent cultivation as the core task, and relying on scientific research, to contribute to promoting the development of national economic construction and scientific research equipment for national defense and aerospace.