The school currently has 154 teachers, including 1 academician, 2 outstanding young people, 2 talents with millions of millions, 4 talents with new century talents, 33 professors, 54 associate professors, and 62 doctoral supervisors. The faculty is strong. Professor Liu Yongtan, the academic leader and double academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is a famous expert in radar and electronic information system in China. The college has one Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, one Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, one Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Public Security, and one Key Laboratory of Heilongjiang Province. The school is an important member of the first batch of Aerospace Science and Technology 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers led by Harbin Institute of Technology, and has participated in the construction of the Ministry of Education's Wireless Communication Technology and Information Perception Technology 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers.